2019 Sea Kayak Fest Registration
October 31, 2018
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Tahe 585 Sea Kayak


Tahe Wind  585

Length 585 CM (19’2’’)

Width    54 CM (21¼”)

This kayak is a great day boat with playful characteristics, easy to turn with leaning, and fast due to long waterline length.

This kayak is an excellent expedition kayak. It has done Esperance to Hopetown,  Bremer Bay to Albany and 7 days in Shark bay carrying 35litres of water. It has very large storage compartments which can accomodate a lot of gear.

The boat is expedition ready with a carbon fibre seat to facilitate good rotation of the torso when paddling and the footrest has been changed to a cross bar with rudder pedals to give excellent paddling drive to the kayak. Thigh braces have been tailor fitted to allow for an engaged or disengaged paddling style.

The kayak has a skeg and rudder with either used to suit the prevailing conditions.

The kayak comes with a Flat Earth sail (0.8m^2) which is of great assistance on longer paddles and adds an exciting dimension to paddling in stronger winds.

The kayak would suit an experienced paddler as a day boat or any paddler if intended for camping or expeditions.