New Member Joining Kit


  • For insurance and liability reasons, all people participating in club activities must be a paid up club member.
  • In order to participate in scheduled club paddles, new members must have been assessed by a club instructor, and may also hold either an Australian Canoeing Basic Skills Award, an Introduction to Sea Skills Award or Sea Skills Award.
  • Novice / beginner paddlers are recommended to undertake basic training through an approved training provider prior to submitting an application. Training is available through approved providers like West Coast Kayaks, Canoeing Downunder, and Mainpeak Paddle Sports. Les Allen of West Coast Kayaks is a club member and runs his own sea kayaking business and training programme.


  1. Contact the President (9444 9330) or Secretary (0478 035 738) for information about joining.
  2. Download the SKCWA Membership Form (SKCWAmembershipForm2018-19, 300KB).
  3. Fill in the form, and obtain a signature of nomination from a current SKCWA member. The form can be returned to whoever you spoke to in step 1 so that you can be nominated by that committee member. Otherwise send the form to the Secretary with either your membership fees by cheque (see schedule of fees below) or with an indication that you will pay by Electronic Transfer.
  4. The President will contact you to welcome you to the club, and to help set up a meeting with a club Instructor to complete an initial skills and safety induction. The skills required are equivalent to the Paddle Australia Basic-skills-Assessment-rec1-3. Once your membership has been approved by the Club Committee, either your cheque will be deposited, or the Secretary will contact you to direct you on how to deposit your fee by electronic transfer, as applicable.
  5. Attend ‘All Paddlers’ (AP) category club day trips and training opportunities of your choice – see Paddling Program.
  6. Gain ‘Introduction to Sea Skills Award’ (see Safety and Training page), and then attend ‘Sea Skills Award’ (SSA) category club trips (with approval of the relevant Trip Leader) to advance your skills prior to formally gaining SSA award – see Paddling Program.

Membership Fees 2018-19

Joining Date Standard Age Pensioner Country*
(Standard or Age Pensioner)
1 Oct to 31 March $90 ($60) ** $80 ($50) $60 ($50)
1 April or later $54 ($36) $48 ($30) $36 ($30)

* If you live outside the area of map coverage in the current UBD Perth Street Directory (approximately Two Rocks to Dawesville, and east to Chidlow), you qualify for Country membership at reduced rates.
** PWA element shown in parentheses. If you already belong to another Club affiliated with PWA and therefore have already paid PWA fees, subtract the PWA  element from the usual joining fee. For example, a Standard membership fee for a member of another affiliated club, joining for a full year would be $30.


President – Callan Gault, Tel 9444 9330, Email

Secretary – Steve Haddon Tel 0478 035 738, Email



Details about what is required to pass the Paddle Australia can be found on the PA website here. Follow the Education Tab to the Award Scheme Handbook link to Qualifications to Qualifications FlowChart then to the Sea  link where all the PA Sea awards are detailed.
Details about member insurance can be found on the Paddle Australia website here.
If you would like to read the Club Constitution you can download a copy here (SKCWA-Constitution-10th-Oct-2018.pdf, 70KB).