SKCWA is bound through its membership of Paddle Australia to the Policies below.

The full list of the policies can be found here

If a club member wishes to make a formal complaint they should contact either:

The SKCWA club President :


The Member Protection Information Officers at Paddle WA, Christopher Greed : Ph 0422 955 541

Governance Policies 

Board ‘For Decision’ Papers Policy
Board Role, Function & Conduct Policy
Board Member & Staff Relations Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Delegations Policy & Financial Delegations Schedule
Matters Reserved for the Board Policy
Risk Management Policy
Whistleblower Policy and Procedure

Safety and Health and Wellbeing Policies

Anti-Doping Policy
Concussion Guidelines
Extreme Weather and Conditions Policy
Disordered Eating Early Identification and Prevention Guidelines
Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy
– Code of Behaviour – Clubs The signed document can be found in the member zone.
– Code of Behaviour – Paddle Australia Personnel
Safety Guidelines
Supplement Policy