SKCWA  and the members of the club  are bound through their membership to the policies of Paddle Australia.

The full list of Paddle Australia policies can be found here

Of particular importance are:

The accepted and signed copy of the policy can be found in the Members Zone

If a member wants to raise a concern or  complaint with regards to this policy, they can make contact with:

  • The SKCWA club President :


  • The Member Protection Information Officers at Paddle WA, Christopher Greed : Ph 0422 955 541

Governance Policies 

Board ‘For Decision’ Papers Policy
Board Role, Function & Conduct Policy
Board Member & Staff Relations Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Delegations Policy & Financial Delegations Schedule
Matters Reserved for the Board Policy
Risk Management Policy
Whistleblower Policy and Procedure

Safety and Health and Wellbeing Policies

Anti-Doping Policy
Concussion Guidelines
Extreme Weather and Conditions Policy
Disordered Eating Early Identification and Prevention Guidelines
Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy
– Code of Behaviour – Clubs The signed document can be found in the member zone.
– Code of Behaviour – Paddle Australia Personnel
Safety Guidelines
Supplement Policy