WA Sea Kayak Fest 2019 Guests

The 2019 Sea Kayak Fest’ organisers include a group of  Sea Kayak Club WA volunteers led by Paul Browne (Paul Cooper, Steve Haddon, Geoffrey Paull and Colin Priest), along with Paddle WA’s, Rosalie Evans and Olivia Haynes. You can contact them via  email – fest@seakayakwa.asn.au and develop@paddlewa.asn.au.

Key Guests

Dave Winkworth

Please meet Dave!

Dave began paddling as a kid and used his homemade kayaks and canoes to get to fly fishing spots…but pretty quickly the paddling became more fun than the fishing!

He joined the NSWSKC as an original member in the late 80s and keen on seeing members acquire good skills, he started the Rock ‘n Roll Weekends to teach rolling. It quickly became the premier club weekend. He is a life member of the club.

Dave was an AC Senior Sea Instructor Examiner for many years and now continues instructing with the VSKC, KASK in N.Z. and local groups where he lives on the NSW South Coast. Dave says his guiding creed for training is that people learn when they’re having fun!

He designed the Nadgee sea kayak and manufactured it till 2007.

Dave has paddled extensively all over Australia and some in N.Z. and lists the Sapphire Coast and northern Australia as his favourite paddling areas.

On a Cape York trip in ’99 he saved his mate’s life in a crocodile attack and received a Bravery Medal for his efforts. He now prefers to view the wildlife from a distance but maintains there’s still room for us all on the ocean.

On non-paddling days Dave tinkers in his shed making paddles and various kayak parts and designing a new sea kayak.

He is looking forward to meeting WA paddlers at Busselton.

Dave is also offering some exciting on and off water learning opportunities at this event.

Beau Miles

Beau Miles. Award winning filmmaker, average gardener, poly-jobist, speaker, odd.
On a recent crossing of Bass Strait in a sea kayak, Beau was voted 5th worst dressed in a party of 5. Being offbeat and NQR speaks volumes about how Beau goes about life, and represents himself in the world, believing wholeheartedly that we are all weird. His offbeat stories of adventure exemplify a curious view of the human condition.

Andrew Maffett

A WA sea kayaker, whose previous expeditions were nothing compared with the circumnavigation of the subantarctic island of South Georgia . His 500km paddle around this wilderness oasis, which lies 1500km north-east of the Antarctic peninsula, saw encounters with massive icebergs, powerful ocean swells and ferocious storms.
He was fortunate to experience some clear weather, however, and completed the journey faster than the three teams who had circled South Georgia previously. Having made such good time, he then traversed the island – following in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who’d landed there in 1916 – and he is part of the first team to have completed both a crossing and circumnavigation of the island.